About Kaleo

Kaleo Productions - Spreading Healing Through The Arts


Kaleo Productions is a faith-based production company that promotes inspirational forms of entertainment through media, stage plays and television. Our message is simple; spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through innovative, thought provoking and inspirational means through Artistic forms.

Kaleo seeks to bring spiritually gifted actors of all ethnicities that caters specifically to the faith based market to address the concerns and triumphs across the spectrums of our lives. We seek to bring diverse forms of entertainment that speaks to the values and interests of the Christian entertainment market.
Currently, there are few production companies that cater specifically to Christian artists. Our vision is to:

  • Support artistic gifts that glorify Jesus Christ
  • Nurture excellence in writing, media, art and music.
  • Empower like-minded authors, playwrights, producers, directors, actors, singers and others who are called of God to the Arts Ministry
  • Showcase forms of entertainment and ministry that speak to the values and culture of the faith-based community.
  • Produce stage plays, film, sitcoms and albums from a Jesus-centric perspective.


Thank you for your interest in helping Kaleo Productions and our commitment to producing quality theatre in your community. By sponsoring Kaleo Productions, you are not only helping us improve the quality of our productions, but you are helping to spread healing through the arts.

For more info on our sponsorship packages, please download our media-kit. Download