OMG Public Pains in Public Schools

Private Pain In Public Schools

It's her senior year in High School and like most teenagers, sixteen year old Petrice has big plans for her school year. With plans to go to university one day, she aims high and plans to drag her best friend Ternella with her.  But when "rebellious" Ternella has her own plans with a "new" boyfriend Trevor, Petrice, a new Christian, tries hard to convince her friend to do the right thing.
Set in a high school classroom, no nonsense Teacher Tanis, sets her own curriculum that will change the lives of her students forever. A tough teacher with a big heart, her classroom becomes a beacon of hope for students who come to terms with their troubles, faith and friendships.
O.M.G.! - Private Pain in Public Schools is a compelling novel that connects with the real struggles that girls and guys face and the resilience they have to overcome. It's a story that will take you through the harsh ride of abuse, bullying and parental pressures that every teen and parent may grapple with at some point in their life.
From the creator of the hit book and stage play Private Pain In Public Pews, Dr. Spencer brings an emotional and uplifting story that showcases how teenagers can draw from their faith to put the bad experiences behind them.