Private Pain In Public Pews

The Stage Play: PPPP 1 - Trust God

The play deals with church secrets and the private lives that hold them. It’s no secret the Christian church has been experiencing a period of turbulence. From the Pulpit to the Pew, leaders and laypersons are falling from their pedestals one after the next with scandals of infidelity, double lives and money obsessions. But the real secrets are embedded in the stories of pain behind these scandals.  And that’s where this theatrical stage play, Private Pain in Public Pews comes in.
Adapted from Dr. Spencer’s popular book Private Pain In Public Pews, the story focuses on Minister Terry and his wife Lydia who are admired by the congregation. But their picture perfect image is threatened when Terry’s old flame Tia, weasels her way back into his life. Terry tries hard to run from his past but ends up hitting a brick wall. Meanwhile, Humble Helen has fallen in love with her Merry plant and Bishop’s making sure all the money is accounted for!

Whether you're a churchgoer or not, you will be moved by the roof lifting Gospel Singing and the clever balance of drama and comedy. Private Pain in Public Pews will give you a lot to think AND laugh about. It crosses all boundaries of traditional gospel theatre. It's real, honest, and heartfelt. Don't miss your chance to read the book and experience the show that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

SHOWDATES: Sat Oct 15th, Toronto @7:30pm
Sat November 5th Atlanta 
- 3pm & 7:30pm
Dec 9-11 in Kingston Jamaica

LOCATIONS: Toronto - House of Praise, Atlanta - Clayton Performing Arts Center, Jamaica - Phoenix Theatre