Private Pain In Public Pews

Book: Private Pain In Public Pews

Private Pain In Public Pews is not only a book, but a remedy to those that need help with private and painful issues that have robbed them of life. In our world of increasing individualism there is much that goes on with people that we tend to over look.  If you peel beneath the clergy collars, church titles, money, and every day routines of life, you will see something far different: people who walk with smiling pain, that is, smile on the outside but pain on the inside.

Dr. Spencer's courageous new book breaks the silence and tackles issues in the church we've let ride too long. In a poignant view of church happenings, the book emphasizes that everything in the church is not what it seems. The church is filled with broken people, victims of trauma and unresolved issues that have put a clog in the church engine. The one place a person can find relief from their pain has sadly become a Sunday-morning soap opera where we cannot wait to hear the outcome of a person's indiscretion. The private pain that pew members experience is real, unspoken and devastating. The time has come to break the silence and do "real talk," about what we all know is going on.

Private Pain in Public Pews says it all - this book is a must read that gives remedy, hope and insight that is sure to give you a new perspective on church and life itself.