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For those who remember "testimony service" one of our mothers of the church was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in January...churches everywhere PRAYED for her healing...Dr.'s gave up on her expecting she had very little time to live but today she testified victory...their is significant shrinkage of her cancer and her Doctors who once were hopeless are excited and hopeful. Testimony Service....LIVE ON!

Was glad to present a speech to 350 Mother's today...a salute to those who push through the "Plight & Fight" of motherhood yet remain steadfast in their role as mothers. We young mothers can be inspired by the mothers who have gone before and still remain...Cherish the gift of motherhood.

Egypt, Lybia, Syria, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Soaring Gas prices...The Middle East is Unravelling...timing of Bin Laden`s alleged death fits neatly in the Colonial Imperialist Propoganda...Prophecy watchers...A New World Order is taking shape.

Was glad to be part of a panel discussion for Women of Congress at the 71st International COOLJC Congress in Florida...spoke about being a "Mary in a Martha's world". Meaning how we juggle our Ministries alongside life responsibilities of parenting, marriage, being single, career etc. We should strive for BALANCE and this comes with PT (Personal Time) and strong commitment to lead a Jesus-Centric Life...

Today's abrupt snow fall in Mid April unveiled a spiritual application. Sometimes on the verge of our next/brighter season Wintery COLD conditions rears its ugly head to dampen the optimism of warmer and brighter days AHEAD. But we ought not to get discouraged because Spring IS coming and despite our blips and "DOWN DAYS" in this life rest assured that Better Days Are Coming...Be Encouraged.

The Church, Our Community and Our 'Place of Acceptance'.  But all is not as it should be.  What is it about the church that people can come from messed up lives but in an instant they can shake habits and illnesses that they previously could not get rid of before? 

This place that has been so scrutinized by broader society has something that so many people yearn for - that is hope.  We all need hope in this world today....don't succumb to the irrelevance society is placing on the church today.  Stick with it and fight for it.....for many, it remains the centre of a persons hope in a world of growing hopelessness.