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John Mark Bartlett was his usual poignant self speaking the Word Like a Missile. His message was the "Dream Killer" seen through Joseph. The Pit-Potipher-Prison-Palace. If you are a Dreamer continue to do the things of God - your dreams may not be fully revealed but be emphatic about God's ability in you to do exploits in the kingdom...Be careful of who you share your dreams with. The Pit is where God proves you for service....got to pass through the Pit before you get to the Palace.

Word In The House was an encouragement to all. Evg L. Taylor spoke about the dark trials we face in life but as God encouraged Israel in Jeremiah 29, similarly he encouraged the church today with the message: "God is Going To Turn it Around". Awesome word today...Be encouraged.

Night service message came from Hurricane Oneil Fisher who blew the trumpet in Zion...he spoke about the layers of shackles that many hold unto because they have not yet dealt with the root of their chains....read Hebrews 12 if you can. We gotta lay aside every weight...its so needed to reach that next level in God.

Very Impactful Mother's Day...The Word in the House comes in three parts. General Sharon Campbell spoke of the Widow who gave of her last to feed the great prophet Elijah "Spiritual Rambo"...the little she had represents the little of our time which we at minimum should devout to God. In spite of our desperate circumstances we should expect our "visitation" from God. 1 Kings 17.

Word in the House tonight at the COOLJC Congress was "Put Your Foot On It" by Bishop Michael Fields from Bronx New York. It was an appeal to the Conqueror that lives within...imp to see beyond what you cannot see and begin to Walk Into The Big Picture he has set for lives of Greatness...Put your Foot on the Promise that God gave you and "Just Walk". Joshua 1:1-7

Today's Word in the house came from Bishop Evon Nunes - Contend for the Faith! Jude got a vision of what the church would become in the latter days but we were encouraged to remain steadfast in the faith despite the age of apostosy. Bishop Evons asked a poignant question: "Would God pass over our church because we are not ready to receive the Lost"? Hum...drives the point home that we must contend for the faith.

Word In The House Today was like being electrocuted into reality. Bishop D.W. Thompson preached an ole time message rarely preached in modern pulpits "How Prepared Are You?" From Revelations 9...you can't read that scripture and not become rapture conscious. Bishop sounded the alarm and told us what time it really is. Let's be prepared for his coming return...it must be preached in season and out of season...

"I AM FREE". Lazarus was dead, his situation stunk...but when Jesus came on the scene HE CALLED HIS NAME through the resurrection power that he possessed. Be Loosed....Set Free...Be Delivered...out of your dead situations God Can get the Glory....preached by, Yours Truly.

The Word In The House Today came forth like mighty gushing wind. Evangelist Jacette Mckenzie (some of ya'll know her) spoke about "Anointed For The Task". Let no devil cage you or imprison the Anointed Vessels of God. "Come Out" she declared "God Is Fixing It Right Now!" That was an Acts 2 message today...can't wait for what's in store tonight!

Evg. Jacette McKenzie all the way from the sunny Island of Jamaica spoke a word to Revive the faint at heart..."Whatever the Cost" Just do what God has Called you to do. Be encouraged everyone - whatever the pain and turmoil that is in your life, don't forget what HE has called you to do. No looking back, press forward...